The Starter Pack Company (“TSPC”) rewards program enables users with active accounts to earn rewards on qualifying user activity on a monthly basis (the “Rewards Program”).

You will need a compatible iOS or Android device to access the Rewards Program on the TSPC App. Download or update the latest version of the TSPC App.

Qualifying Criteria

In order to qualify for the Rewards Program in a month a user must have an active account with TSPC and must have Activated at least 10 sim cards from the four mobile networks (i.e., MTN, Vodacom, Cell C and Telkom) during the preceding calendar month (“Qualifying User”). “Activated”, for purposes of the Rewards Program, shall have the meaning stipulated by the relevant mobile network operator and “Activation” shall be construed accordingly.

Earning Rewards Points

A Qualifying User will earn reward points and be automatically be entered into the monthly lucky draw cash prizes. Reward points earned and cash prize draw amounts is determined by the total amount of monthly activations they have achieved (as illustrated in the table below);

Allocation of Reward Points

Monthly reward points will run two months in arrears. Points earned during a calendar month will be allocated to a Qualifying User’s account on the 1st Day of the second month following the month in which the points were earned.

TSPC reserves the right to reverse any reward points allocated to a Qualifying User’s account in the event that such Qualifying User is found to be manipulating any Activations or otherwise not carrying out any Activations in a bona fide and legitimate manner or in accordance with good practice. In such event such reversal of points will result in negative points being allocated to the Qualifying User’s account.

Monthly Cash Prize Draws

Monthly cash prize draws will take place in the first week of each month for the previous months Qualifying Users. Winners will be notified by telephone and winning funds will be paid directly into the users TSPC App wallet. TSPC reserves the right to publish a picture and name of the Winners on all its social media platforms from time to time. Judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Pick a Tile on the Gameboard

A Qualifying User will earn one play on the TSPC App gameboard for each reward point allocated to the Qualifying User’s account. When a Qualifying User plays the gameboard, the user picks a tile which reveals a hidden prize which could include, but is not limited to, user account credit ranging from R20 to R500.

Reward points must be used to play on the TPSC App Gameboard within 30 days from the date on which such reward points were allocated to the Qualifying User’s account. All monthly reward points not used within the aforesaid 30-day period will be forfeited by the Qualifying User.

Each gameboard is different and prizes won are random.



Reward points and prizes won cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash.

TSPC reserves the right to amend the terms of the Rewards Program or cancel the Rewards Program in its entirety on 7days’ notice to users.

Prizes are subject to change from time to time.

Physical prizes won will be delivered to the user within 30 business working days 

By using the Rewards Program, you agree that TSPC may share your personal information to administer the rewards effectively.

TSPC Rewards Program is not open to TSPC employees and their family members as well as any subsidiaries or affiliate companies.

10 – 19 monthly activations


1 Point


One entry into the  Monthly Lucky Draw to win R2,500

20 – 39 activations


2 Points


One entry into the  Monthly Lucky draw to win R5,000



3 Points


One entry into the  Monthly Lucky draw to win R10,000