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Vuka Rewards is a brand new Rewards Program exclusive to TSPC.

You will now be rewarded with various vouchers when you load, or sell, predetermined network bundles on the sim cards you RICA and sell. 


See qualifying bundles below


Qualifying bundles


Qualifying bundles


Qualifying bundles

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Qualifying bundles

Rules for participating agents

  1. Rewards are based on the number of product sales in a calendar month for specified products as per the rewards page –

  2. The rewards will be calculated at the end of each day and when the qualifying criteria have been met the agents will receive an SMS to their registered mobile number with a link that will allow the agent to redeem the award for the participating reward partner. The link is valid for 24 hours after which it will expire and the reward will fall away.

  3. Once redeemed the agent will receive an SMS with a QR Code that can be presented at the participating reward partners' point of sale for redemption. The QR code has a validity period after which it will expire, and the reward is no longer valid.

  4. The rewards have specific expiry dates and if not redeemed in the period of validity will expire and there will be no further compensation for that reward.

  5. The products must be loaded on an active or new TSPC SIM card. Qualifying products loaded on a SIM card belonging to another company will not qualify for the reward program.

  6. The qualifying products may be changed on a monthly basis at the discretion of TSPC.

In order to qualify to participate the agent must:

  • Have been invoiced for stock in the last 90 days

  • Have sold commissionable stock in the last 90 days


The program relies on accurate information being provided by the network operators on a daily basis to TSPC and as such the rewards may be delayed until such time as the correct data is received from the operators. TSPC reserves the right to restate the data so that the rewards are awarded on a reasonably fair basis in terms of the rules and the qualifying criteria.

QR Code is a Quick Response code that has the embedded information required by the participating retailer in order to

redeem the voucher. Reward Program is a means whereby TSPC is able to reward agents for the sale of specific products in a calendar month.

  • Where do I find the qualifying bundles?
    You will find them by clicking on the Rewards button on the App, or on our website
  • How do I get rewarded?
    You must load a specified number of qualifying bundles onto a Starter Pack Company SIM card.
  • How do I know how many bundles I have to sell to get rewarded?
    You will find these by clicking on the Rewards button on the App, or on our website
  • How will I receive my reward?
    The day after qualifying you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with a url link to the reward. This link is valid for 24 hours. Follow this link to redeem the reward and you will receive a second SMS with a Quick Response (QR) code that you can present at the designated reward provider point of sale when you check out. The coupon is valid for 28 days.
  • What if I don’t redeem my reward link or coupon in the specified time?
    The reward will unfortunately no longer be valid.
  • What if I don’t sell enough bundles in a month?
    The reward counter will reset to zero at the beginning of each month, so bundles sold in a prior month do not count towards a reward in the following month.
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