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Vuka, it’s Rewards season!

The Starter Pack Company is putting you, the agent, first with a rewards program designed to put food on the table for you and your family. From 1 April, you have the opportunity to earn KFC and Checkers vouchers through the sale of qualifying data bundles.

You must load a predetermined number of qualifying bundles per network to qualify for Vuka Rewards. For example: If you sell 3 Telkom Monthly WhatsApp 1.5GB bundles, you will earn a R15 KFC voucher.

All the bundles MUST be loaded onto a new TSPC SIM. Qualifying bundles loaded onto a SIM belonging to another company will not qualify for Vuka Rewards.

Once you qualify for Vuka Rewards, you will receive an SMS notifying you for your reward. Click on the link in the SMS to download the QR code which you can use to claim your reward at any KFC or Checkers nationwide.

Please Note: The qualifying bundles are subject to change.

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